[ je - be - na ]


Djebena Coffees is dedicated to bringing you the best tasting coffee in existence, from the place where it all began.




Our coffee is blended from only the highest quality Ethiopian arabica beans. The different regions of Ethiopia produce different coffees of varying flavour and character.


Grown, hand-picked, and sorted in Ethiopia. Roasted in the Blue Mountains of Australia.


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Ethiopians enjoy coffee multiple times per day. It is a social activity that cannot be rushed. The green beans are roasted, hand-ground, and brewed in the traditional clay pot (the djebena), creating the most delicious sip, served in a small cup called a 'sini'.


Growing up in Ethiopia, Djebena Coffees' Tina Yigletu is proud to share this tradition. You have never had coffee quite like this!


A unique touch to any conference, meeting or event, you and your guests can experience coffee the way the Ethiopians have been preparing it for hundreds of years.